4 all trade consulting


Method of 4 All Trade Consulting

  • Due to years of experience and contacts, we receive on daily basis requests in both directions, buyers as well as sellers. This causes, that in most cases we can put parties together and establish a successful take over or sell.
  • 4 All trade Consulting has along the years been able to gather a great database, where in most cases a potential buyer can be found. If not, we have a national and international network of contacts, where we can rely on to find a buyer or seller.
  • 4 All trade Consulting uses also the media, like in specific magazines, regional, national and international newspapers, member magazines, etc ...
  • 4 All trade Consulting owns also around 50 proper locations on internet where advertisement can be done for a project.
  • 4 All trade Consulting also makes targeted mailings on basis of activity and solvability. This is done as well by e-mail or by regular post, where we work together with un doubted market leaders in the field.
  • 4 All trade Consulting is also working with certain investor groups, where we promote your business to the fullest.

4 All trade Consulting will first of all scrutinize your business completely through official enquiries, along with a complete questionnaire that is completed together with you.

We also make a market research concerning the market value and position of your business. All this data together gives us a view of the real value of your company.

4 All trade Consulting makes a complete file according to the complete list of acquired data, and makes sure that the most important aspects of your company are accentuated.

Candidate buyers need to sign a secrecy agreement and are screened before getting any piece of information. After that the negotiations can start. With your agreement, the first meeting can be set, after that 4 All trade Consulting takes care of the follow up, so that the take over can take place as soon as possible.

4 All trade Consulting also takes care of the necessary contracts and documents, by their own legal service, and takes care of the follow-up and the execution of the payment and transfer.


4 All Trade Consulting, Your professional partner for your business.